MELT Investment


sustainable developments

We actively seek out projects that demonstrate expertise in combining technologies like ground source heating, solar/hydroelectric power generation, and battery storage mature to produce carbon offsetting and energy-positive developments. The key for us is that the cost of implementing these technologies must pay for themselves. We call this Sustainable Sustainability – environmentally friendly developments that are delivered in an economically viable manner.


We also focus on building using modular construction; this enables the amount of waste generated by our projects to be reduced and the carbon embodied within developments to be minimised. Climate change will be far more costly to deal with in the future if it is neglected now, and so we take the responsibility of being as environmentally sustainable as possible very seriously.


Technologies such as microgeneration, modular construction, solar panels, ground source heating and batteries are now beginning to achieve economies of scale. When used in the right way, they can enable the delivery of carbon-neutral/offsetting, energy self-sufficient developments.

As sustainability has started to become commercially viable, we have developed sustainable development solutions which add value for our buyers with minimal or no additional development cost.

Our mission is to create inspiring contemporary buildings that enhance and complement the places they are set in. Our award-winning developments stand out for their quality of design, sustainability and sensitivity to their surroundings.