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Our investment Philosophy

We actively seek out sites with strong potential for value enhancement through planning but with an existing use or extant consent that puts a floor on minimum project returns. By targeting developments that meet these criteria, we aim to ensure that our investment always makes a minimum acceptable level of return while including significant potential for upside profit.

In order to deliver cost and programme certainty, we seek out projects which can be delivered using modular or another form of off-site construction. As modular technologies and delivery methods have started to mature and gain economies of scale, the projects to which they can viably be applied has broadened.

Building using modular construction enables the amount of waste generated by our projects to be reduced and the carbon embodied within developments to be minimised. Climate change will be far more costly to deal with in the future if it is neglected now. So we take the responsibility of being as environmentally sustainable as possible very seriously.

We also seek out projects that demonstrated expertise in combining technologies like ground source heating, solar/hydroelectric power generation and battery storage mature to produce carbon offsetting and energy-positive developments. The key for us is that the cost of implementing these technologies must pay for themselves. We call this Sustainable Sustainability – environmentally friendly developments that are delivered in an economically viable manner.

investment criteria

MELT Investment target opportunities which fit to following criteria:

✓ Property Development projects with strong base case (existing use or planning value) and significant potential for optimisation and value enhancement through design and planning.

✓ Projects which lend themselves to being built using modular construction and which have the greatest potential to deliver

Sustainable Sustainability – carbon offsetting, energy positive developments where the cost of these technologies pay for themselves.

✓ Resident led projects where strong underlying occupier demand exists in the local area.

✓ Commercial projects in fast-growing sectors(such as the aparthotel sector) where strong demand for new sites exists and value can be added by securing tenants with strong covenants.

✓ Land promotion or palnnninf gain opportunities, ideally where risk is spread over multiple sites or multiple uside scenarios exist.

OUR track record

Here are examples of some of our existing projects we already have underway

Kennington, London

Projected GDV        £49m-£68m
Projected IRR          68-98%

Kennington is a mixed-use scheme. Targeted to be carbon off-setting and energy positive. 

Lime Grove, Gloucester

Projected GDV       £7.2m
Projected IRR        44-115%

Lime Grove is an award-winning development, funded through a combination of investors, development and mezzanine finance.